It’s my birthday!!

Well, it was yesterday. It wasn’t a big one, but it was my birthday nonetheless. It was also my first one as a mummy and I think that’s pretty cool. So my hubby was away tramping with some friends and wasn’t home until dinner time.
A friend took me out to breakfast, which was really lovely. The sun was shining for most of the day (there was a brief downpour followed by more sunshine and Blue sky).
When Bug had her next nap I napped too. That was so good! We slept for an hour and a half.
Later some of the family came to visit, although I sometimes wonder now if they want to see me or Bug more!
When Simon got home from his tramping trip he and the friends he had been tramping with made me a delicious dinner and dessert.
My family are away on their summer holiday now so took us out to dinner on Wednesday for pizzas and pitchers of lemon, lime and bitters, it was a good night out. It’s great to spend time with them and eating pizza is always awesome!
I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic way to start off 27.
Anita xoxo


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