Busy busy

Who knew that life could mean you could get this busy. I am seriously going days without being able to turn on my computer, let alone get the usual life things done.
It has mostly been good though. The little one has turned one! A busy little girl, she has been walking for a few weeks steadily (wobbly wobbly for a few weeks before that). Tooth number 8 popped through a couple of days ago. There are words too! Mama, dadda, bubba have been staples for a few months, but the list is growing quickly. Now there is gok gok (quack quack), rarrr (as in tigers, lions etc), ooo ooo (woof woof), Eyaiya (nearly her name), plus lots of other communication. She tugs at my top when she wants a feed, shakes her head for no, wiggles side to side for again (spinning around and things like that). This is a very cool age, I have to say.
We have also bought a house. It has been great, but of course it takes time to get settled right in.
For now though, I had better go to bed.


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