Sale-a-Bration is ticking along

Sale-a-Bration is ticking along, I am really loving all the products we have on offer right now, I have a wishlist as long as my arm!

The awesome people at SU! headquarters have been hard at work and have put together videos for you, so that I didn’t have to. Let me know what you think, anything you find exciting?


Now up and running on Bloglovin’!

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So, quite some time ago (read: July 1, 2013) Google closed the doors on Reader. One of my favourite products they had. I am still a Google fan girl, I love my gmail, Chrome, apps and extensions but I miss Reader. Oh boy, do I miss Reader. Reader was the one I would curl up with and read. Ever since I have tried this reader and that and have never loved the look or usability of any of them… until I met Bloglovin’. I am in love again!  If you are yet to find your favourite way to follow all your favourite blogs, check out Bloglovin’!

Love Anita xoxo

A New Year

This last year has been fantastic.

I have especially loved watching my little Bug grow and blossom into such a character. She is full of life, completely non-stop from the moment she wakes until the moment she falls asleep. We have had our challenges of course, we all do, but most everything has been such a joy. We celebrated her first birthday in September, which feels like it was yesterday. Now she is nearly 16 months and we enjoying watching her play “make-believe” sharing her water with bunny, otter and ted as well as feeding herself, mama and dadda with an empty container and a spoon. Everyday she has new words, like a little parrot we say a word and it’s like it bounces right back from her! Today came purple  and bread, yesterday was wet (repeated multiple times today of course!).

I returned to work in June working permanent night shifts a few days a week. It has been great to get back in the game. The new year is bringing me day and afternoon shifts! I will miss the regularity of the nights, but the being on during the day will give me chances to expand my knowledge base and learn some new skills! Currently thinking about which courses I would be keen to do.

In August we bought a house, a really exciting step. It is so great to have a place of our own and to no longer be paying someone else’s mortgage.

There were also some low points in the year, as with anyone. They say life is a rollercoaster for a reason, baby!

This year is going to be awesome too.

Every year starts with a bit of a bang for me, January 5 is my birthday! Really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, I love a good gathering. Even better, I share the day with my lovely little sis-in-law Lisa xoxo

I am very excited about the Occasions Catalogue that launches Jan 6 and also the Sale-a-Bration catty. Not only do I love so many of the products I am sure my customers will too!

Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas. It is an exciting time of the year. I love gathering with friends and family. I love creating and buying gifts for those I love. I love baking and cooking for my family. I love decorating the house which keeps the excitement. I love making and gifting cards and little treats. It really is wonderful.
If you are wanting something to help you get inspired and excited for Christmas this year I have put together a Pinterest board for you!


Busy busy

Who knew that life could mean you could get this busy. I am seriously going days without being able to turn on my computer, let alone get the usual life things done.
It has mostly been good though. The little one has turned one! A busy little girl, she has been walking for a few weeks steadily (wobbly wobbly for a few weeks before that). Tooth number 8 popped through a couple of days ago. There are words too! Mama, dadda, bubba have been staples for a few months, but the list is growing quickly. Now there is gok gok (quack quack), rarrr (as in tigers, lions etc), ooo ooo (woof woof), Eyaiya (nearly her name), plus lots of other communication. She tugs at my top when she wants a feed, shakes her head for no, wiggles side to side for again (spinning around and things like that). This is a very cool age, I have to say.
We have also bought a house. It has been great, but of course it takes time to get settled right in.
For now though, I had better go to bed.

Parenthood vs Careers

I just read a fantastic piece over at

There are so many people who tell you to enjoy everything about being a parent, cherish every moment. Boy, don’t they grow up so fast?! I can’t believe she is already one! Oh, he is at school already?! Don’t get me wrong. It is great, I love being a mumma, I love my baby girl so much. I wouldn’t trade the mummy life for anything.

Society expects women to be these  SuperMums, look after the kids, have the dinner on the table at a reasonable hour, do all the washing, clean the house, keep everything ticking over like clockwork. But society also expects our women to be politicians, journalists, nurses, teachers, computer programmers – climbing the ladders of promotion and bettering themselves. How can we do both? If you ask any mum you know who works (full or part time, solo or with a partner) nearly all of them will say that the work/family balance is something they struggle with. If they don’t say it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. We all want the best of both worlds. Equality! Equal opportunities, equal pay. Trust me, I believe these are great things, but at what cost. I don’t want to be a manager in any work field. I want to be a good nurse and an even better mum.

Being a nurse is a huge part of who I am, I didn’t train for 3 years for nothing! But it is not the only thing that defines me and it most certainly isn’t the most important.

We need society to start accepting that it is ok to choose to not climb those work ladders, that promotions and new roles aren’t the be all and end all of what we are here on this earth for. We need society to begin believing that raising a family is just as important, or more important than all that.

Being a mum or dad is not all sunshine, but our kids do light up our lives like you would never have thought that anything could.

The most important thing for me is that my little Bug grows up knowing that her mummy and daddy love her so much and that family life is more important.

I could waffle on further about this, or go back and better articulate what I have said. I have a lot to say on this if you want to ask further, but for now I have a baby girl who needs her mummy.

Anita xoxo